Online Videos
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Cyclists Special (1955)
Charming film by the Cycle Touring Club of England follows a group of riders who take the train from London to the countryside and enjoy a most pleasant ride.

The Masses Mass at Santa Monica Pier at Midnight....
Short, sweet, and homemade, lots of bikes, lots of joy, lots of power.... Just a snippet but worth seeing.

New York City Streets Renaissance interview with Enrique Peñalosa
Former Bogatá mayor Enrique Peñalosa discusses his amazing success transforming Bogatá into a livable city for cyclists and pedestrians.

Street Films
A project of the New York City Streets Renaissance, presents videos "aimed at achieving a measure of equality in terms of the way space is allocated to the people using New York City's streets." Most of its present content is bicycle-oriented, and all of it worthy of your time.