Bicycling Resources
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3-Speed Tour
The Lake Pepin (Minnesota) Three-Speed Tour site. Dedicated to British-style bike touring of the pre-WWII days, amusing and enlightening even if you don't plan on going to Minnesota soon.

The "63" stands for 63 gear-inches, and the "xc" is for "cross country": this is a site "for everyone who likes to take their fixed gear bike offroad. ...Couriers and other urban fixers will find useful info here, too, and some bits should be of interest to anyone on a bike." And so it is. Bicycling Resources
Information, tips, reviews, and more, covering not just recreational riding but commuting as well.

Annie Londonderry
Dedicated to the story of Annie Cohen Kopchovsky, who rode a bicycle around the world in 1894, on a bet, and became a feminist celebrity.

Asheville on Bikes
In their words: "Asheville on Bikes cultivates the culture of commuting and urban cycling within our city through celebration and advocacy. We believe bicycling has a direct impact on the health of our community."

'Bentrider Online
Resources & community for riders of recumbent bikes and trikes, HPVs, velomobiles, and the like.

Better Bike Beverly Hills
Helping to fill in the Westside "doughnut hole" in the LA's cycling network.

Bici Centro
Bici Centro is a low- to no-cost bike program in Santa Barbara, California, where community members learn to work on bikes in a multi-lingual, comfortable, and fun setting.

Bicicletas Antigas
From Brazil, this classic bikes site is in Portuguese, but just start hitting links and enjoy.

The Bicycle Forest
Small but quirky Canadian site featuring advocacy, local rentals, a design-your-own-frame page, and a wonderfully bizarre reader-written bike tale.

Bicycle Kitchen
Bicycle culture in LA is loud 'n' proud in this messenger/trackie/commuter site and useful too!

Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund
Non profit organization that provides emergency compensation to bicycle messengers who are hurt on the job.

Bicycle Parking Guidelines (PDF)
Guidelines for choosing and placing bike racks so they can actually be useful. Download this if you're trying to get bike racks installed at workplaces or other destinations. Published by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals.

Title says it all: a compendium of bicycling-related blogs.

A collection of mailing list forums covering classic bikes, touring, framebuilding, randonneuring, 650B bikes, and more. Home of the famous i-BOB list!

Bike Pittsburgh
Transforming the city to make commuting, shopping, and exercising by bike safe, easy, and fun for everyone who lives here and visits. Includes blog, message boards, and more.
That's Portland, Oregon, one of the more bike-friendly cities in the editor Jonathan puts it: "I have always been a biker and bike advocate, but I never lived in a place that brought it out of me like Portland does." Plenty of good local information for bicyclists of all sorts, lots of emphasis on legal issues.

Bike Posse
Chicagoland resource with local weather, commute routes, group rides, bikepath conditions, and news.

Bike Reader
Simple, funny, daring, full of love for bikes, life, and us.
Compendium of Bike-to-Work weeks and days in cities around the world, with links to cycling organizations.

Center for Appropriate Transport
Includes Eugene Bicycle Works (a pay-by-the-hour repair station), Eugene Rack Works (employing local youth to manufacture practical bike parking), and Human Powered Machines (manufacturing workbikes and trailers).

Chicagoland Bicycle Federation
Bicycle advocacy in the Chicago area. Articles, essays, lobbying, group rides, local discounts for members. Includes the "No More Excuses" page for hesistant would-be bike commuters.

Cyclists Inciting Change through Live Exchange, they seek to "unify and represent the incredible enthusiasm, diversity, and creativity of the burgeoning movement on a national level, by becoming a hub for progressive bicycle news, culture and advocacy."

Excellent British cycling magazine, published online once a month. Committed to urban cycling, sustainability, and all that good stuff. Looks nice, well-written.

Classic Rendezvous
In their own words: Dedicated to Lightweight Vintage Bicycles, circa 1900~1983.
"Proudly spreading propaganda since 2003," the site is chock-full of tips, rants, and motivations for the bike commuter everywhere. A bit disorganized but useful and full of humor.

Cooper Technica
Stunningly restored vintage bicycles. David Cooper restores vintage cars for a living, and vintage bikes for himself. Delicious work. Link goes directly to his bike mainpage.
Links to critical mass rides on six continents; events, history, resources, and more. Find your local critical mass ride and start representin'!

Cycling Resource Centre
In Australia. While the Cycling Resource Centre is intended primarily as a resource for those involved in the planning, delivery, management and promotion of bicycle facilities and initiatives it may also be of interest to people wanting to find out more about these aspects of cycling.

Forbes Bagatelle-Black's excellent blog, "a journal dedicated to cycling in the real world." Articles on transportational cycling, and interviews with framebuilders, designers, retailers, and other folks involved in shaping or supporting modern bicycle culture.

Photo galleries featuring Current Classics, Cross Bikes, Single Speeds, and Working Bikes. Send them a shot of your ride!

Eastside Bicycle Club
Neighborhood bike club with regular Tuesday night and Saturday morning rides in Northeast Los Angeles. Social & discovery rides, no club racing.

Fixed Gear Gallery
They call it, "An incredible collection of fixed-gear bicycles from around the world." And that only begins to describe it. The most addictive site on the 'Net, and our personal favorite.

The Folding Cyclist
History, resources, and news for anyone interested in folding bicycles and multi-modal bike-based transportation. Includes a photo gallery.

Odd but compelling blogsite from Australia, dedicated to fixies, messenger culture, rudeness, and other amusements. Sells T-shirts, jerseys, & frames as well.

Planetwide bike ramblers report on what it's like just about everywhere else--good-humored and incisive articles.

International Bicycle Fund
Non-profit NGO providing articles, and links to articles, containing information and statistics primarily on practical bicycle use worldwide. Covers political, economic, and technical matters, including problems and possibilities of urban design in relation to bicycle use. Rich source of inspiration as well as statistics.

As they put it, "Home of the winter cyclist, and other crazy people."

Ken Kifer's Bike Pages
Clean, well-laid out site with a warm personal touch. Good articles about the important aspects of bicycling--the whys, the hows, the pleasures and benefits and the problems as well. Not for Lycra addicts.

Local Bike Trader
Classified ad site where you can list a bicycle for sale or browse for a used bike by location, bike type, size, and other attributes in any combination. Two levels of free ads, plus more elaborate paid listings.

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition
Working hard to rehabilitate the Ground Zero of Carmageddon! Many good programs here, so browse, enjoy, participate....

The Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition
And you don't have to be from Massachusetts to find it worthwhile. Includes a compendium of US laws affecting bicyclists.

Minneapolis Bike Love
Online hangout for Twin Cities cyclists. Forums, pix, rides, and more.

Momentum Planet
The "magazine for self-propelled people" strives to "reflect and amplify bike culture," and does a damn fine job of it too. Even covers cargo bikes! Out of Vancouver, Canada.

NACTO urban Bikeways Design Guide
Intelligent design indeed! From the National Association of City Transportation Officials come these superb parameters for design urban cycling facilities. (Wish they covered bike parking too, though.)

Old Skool Track
This site is dedicated to everyone out there riding their track or fix on the streets. Among the wealth of bicycle information in print and online, there's almost nothing written down about track bikes used on the street. Most of this information has been handed down from the Old Skool riders, the ones who've been riding since back in the day and who have kept it alive all this time.

Practical Pedal
As its name implies, it's about bicycles as daily transport, cargo hauling, and generally a great way to move almost anything almost anywhere.

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
Nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., whose mission it is to create a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors to build healthier places for healthier people. Includes trail finder feature.

The Rat Patrol
Most of the bikes in the Rat Patrol fleet are made from recycled trash. Chicago's alleys are rich places to find used and abused bicycle parts, if you're lucky enough to beat the scrappers....

Co-op in Memphis, Tenneessee, that "works to nourish (and sustain) a Community of Cyclists that both love and depend on their bikes by providing affordable bicycles that fit properly and work well. Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop is a meeting ground for a variety of people; from professional bicycle mechanics to those learning how to repair their tire for the first time."

St. Louis BicycleWORKS
Saint Louis BicycleWORKS was founded in 1988 to provide area youth with the opportunity to develop a skill and to challenge them to test the limits of their abilities. BicycleWORKS is the first St. Louis program to use the bicycle as a vehicle to teach youth responsibility and good work habits.

Stolen Bike Registry
Free service that holds your stolen bicycle's serial number and other data and will automatically email you if a bike shop, police agency, etc. runs the number.

The Tweed Cycling Club
For today's cyclist, skin tight lycra may promise a reduction in wind resistance but also in decorum. A reflective yellow vest guarantees high visibility, but who would wish to be seen in such a garment? Certainly not the members of the Tweed Cycling Club. The Club's wheelmen and ladymembers wish for a return to the honest virtues of lugged steel, dynamo lighting and canvas saddlebags....

Vintage Bicycle
Well-written blog with good photos highlighting vintage touring bikes, esepcially French ones, and accessories.