Fixies & Faces
Though Los Angeles is one of the least bicycle-friendly cities in the US, bicycling has been taking off even here--despite long distances, heat, the aggressive and idiiotic drivers, bad roads, and an unsupportive government. More and more people ride every day, on every sort of bicycle. But the fixed-gear bike in particular is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, especially mong the younger riders who see it as a statement as well as an effective tool for knifing through LA's traffic jams.

On February2nd, 2008, the Rogue Status gallery in Venice, on the wild western edge of the city, held an exhibition of fixed-gear bicycles called "Maximal Reduction, Minimal Boundaries." Hundreds of riders showed up for the opening--everyone from old farts like your editor here to the hip & high--sometimes literally high, on the inevitable tallbikes. Here are a few of their rides and their faces for you. Enjoy...then get out and ride!

Text & photos by Richard Risemberg (February, 2008)