Bikes & Coffee: Massimo's Mudspot in Los Angeles
Richard Risemberg (August 2008)

Gina came home all excited a few days ago to report the opening of a real coffeehouse in our Miracle Mile neighborhood--one that stays open late, bears art on the walls and books on a shelf or two, offers free WiFi, and that serves (of course) a good brew. To make it better, Massimo's is owned by the same fellow who owns the Little Bar next door, Angelo--who is a cyclist, as are most of the employees! I went by today myself, and found a "clean, well-lighted place," (to quote Hemingway), friendly folks, good mud, and a lot of bikes locked up outside--to which I added my "Bambina." Man, I wish them every success. They're going to get sick of seeing my face...let's have more of this sort of thing!

Massimo's Mudspot
759 S. La Brea, Los Angeles, California (Corner of 8th and La Brea)
Open seven days from 7AM to midnight.

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