Revolutionary Personal Transit Alternative to Gridlock!
by Riley Geary (November 1997)

The long-sought solution to air pollution and urban congestion could be at hand, leading transportation technologists claim. Using the latest in space-age materials and engineering innovations, this modern adaptation of a traditional means for converting bio-mechanical energy into forward momentum could eliminate traffic jams, reduce smog levels, and end dependence on foreign oil.

Experts agree its unique gyrostabilized in-line design allows the most efficient possible use of time and energy for personal commuting, and vastly enhances mobility options. Economists predict proper use of these "Bio-Intensive Kinetic Energy Systems" could save the typical motorist hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year in reduced fuel costs, parking fees, and capital outlays--and return significant long-term health benefits in the bargain.

Climatologists assert that if enough commuters make the switch from cars to B.I.K.E.S, the threat of global warming to future generations could be substantially reduced; and ethicists concur that in a world of finite resources and universal consequences, such a change may be our only morally appropriate option.

Riley R. Geary, Car-Free Lifestyle Counselor since 1988