Classic Wool Knickers

Elegance returns to bicycling with our Classic Wool Knickers (breeks to you folks in the UK). You no longer need look like a freak or a slob to use your bicycle for commuting, shopping, visiting, dining, or any other two-wheeled travel that lands you in destinations frequented by non-cyclists. Great for golf & cross-country skiing as well!

They have been tested in rush hour, on Critical Mass, at the office, and in restaurants and malls, and they have proven themselves every time.

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Materials & Construction
Our elegant, bicycle-friendly knickers are made in Los Angeles in a fair-wage factory from 100% wool gabardine, and will be the most comfortable clothes you own. (Note: We also use 100% wool flannel suiting, as on the current charcoal version.)

Although the 100% wool gabardine fabric feels light, our testers in Minnesota and Illinois have reported that they are comfortable in temperatures down to just over 20°F, and we have ourselves tested them in heat up to nearly 100°F. The wool transpires sweat better than synthetic so-called "wicking" materials, rarely (so far, for us, never) shows sweat-spotting, and does not hold body odors--you can wear these for several days of riding before you need to clean them.

Care & Cleaning
Wool gabardine existed long before solvent cleaning technology, and we wash ours in cold water using Kookaburra Woolwash, which we recommend. Dry flat, then shake out any wrinkles. You can also dry-clean them. They will shrink slightly when dry-cleaned or washed for the first time, and are sized slightly large to allow for this.

They are easy to carry around, and do not wrinkle even when rolled into a messenger bag or a Priority Mail envelope. Naturally, store them away from moths on those rare days when you won't want to be wearing them.

The back of the waistband has elastic, to allow for a comfortable riding position. Sizes 36 and up have slightly larger legs and cuffs. These are not meant to be tights, so order the next size up if you're between sizes or built a bit fuller than average. Sizing is by US conventions. The cuffs have three buttons in case you have skinny calves. Or you can ride with them wide-open if it's really hot.

If you are over 6' 2"/188cm tall, these may be too short. Generally speaking, they work for those of you whose inseams are 34"/86.5cm or less. We plan eventually to offer a tall folks' version.

We have worn them for rides of up to 40 miles and were perfectly comfortable without padded shorts underneath; however, everyone's butt is different, and you can wear padded briefs, regular bike shorts, tights, or longjohns under them without upsetting the elegant fit.

Read testimonials from satisfied customers. (Link will open in pop-up).

As always, feel free to send comments. Resellers, please visit our Wholesale Inquiries Page.
Photos by Gina Morey.

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