The James Black "3-Way" Hat

Conceived by bicyclist/architect James Black of Los Angeles, and refined through on-the-road testing, this hat swerves away from the beanie-with-a-bill convention and gives you some loft above your noggin. This bit of loft provides three important functions:
  • There's room for thick, curly, nappy, or bushy hair
  • You can pull the hat down over your ears when it's really chilly out
  • Flipping up the back converts it to a posh version of the standard cycling cap
(Important: See "Details" for size chart.)

Dark Charcoal wool or Urban Gray hemp [more] [testimonials]
Only $29.00

Materials & Construction
Made in Los Angeles in a fair-wage factory from 100% wool gabardine in Dark Charcoal, or hemp/recycled poly blend in Urban Gray.

Care & Cleaning
Because the stiffener in the bill is heavy hemp canvas instead of plastic or cardboard, you can dry-clean or handwash these hats without qualm. Not only that, you can stuff them into pocket, purse, messenger bag, pannier, whatever; they roll right up and return to their proper shape when you need them again. They fit under a helmet as well.

Wool gabardine is the ultimate breathable wicking miracle fabric, strong yet soft, and non-itchy for most people. And with modern sheep-grazing methods being much more conscientious than those of the past, wool is environmentally-friendly: sheep make it for you out of grass!

Fit & Alteration
Now in three sizes, medium, large, and extra-large, with an elastic band at the back, so you big-skulled folks now have a cycling hat that won't give you a headache. Sizing is fairly simple, but here's a chart to help you choose:

JB HatUSUKEurope
Mediumup to 6¾up to 6¾up to 56
Large6½ to 7½6½ to 7½56 to 60
XLOver 7½Over 7½Over 60

If you don't know your hat size, put a cloth measuring tape around your head just over your ears and eyebrows and read the number. If your tape is metric, the number of centimetres around your head is your size; if you tape is Imperial (inches), divide the number by 3.14 for your US hat size. For example: 22" around equals a US size 7.

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Photos by Richard Risemberg, with thanks to Gina Morey, Aurisha & Somer, and Orange 20 Bikes.

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