I recently received my pair of classic wool cycling knickers. FANTASTIC! They are very comfortable and stylish. My wife, who is an honest but often brutal critic, agreed that they look quite nice on me.

When I picked up the envelope I thought that there was no way that it could contain my pants--it was too light. Don't let the lightness fool you. I wore them this morning, cycling before dawn. The weather was damp and in the mid 30s and I was incredibly comfortable. I am planning on layering them with wool long bottoms for year round cycling, as well as other winter activities (like snow-shoeing and skating).

I purchased the charcoal flannel and I love the burgundy gusset--a little extra flavor to the cycling pants. I plan on ordering a pair in the midnight gabardine.

I already own a pair of the hemp urban knickers, which are practical riding pants, but I like the classic knickers in wool much better--the wool fabric just seems to drape better. Also I can wear wool more seasons out of the year than I can hemp.

David B.

Received the order last Friday and wore the knickers and socks with Quoc Pham shoes and a Deschutes Brewery wool jersey while riding my classic 1968 Carlton Competition yesterday when they closed the Great Highway and Golden Gate Park to cars as part of Sunday Streets in SF. Very comfortable. No temperature issues either in the sun or when the usual fog rolled in. Pockets held wallet, keys, etc. with no problem. Nice product. Thanks.

Jack D.

I received a pair of the Classic Knickers (and a pair of of the knee socks to boot) for my birthday back in February. Two words: way cool. Another two words: Gentleman Cyclist.

My on-the-bike image has now undergone a make-over. I no longer look like a refugee from the Tour (and a rather super-annuated one at that) when I commute to work in Washington, DC. It is now less Eddy Merckx and more turn of the century "scorcher."

I love it. Thanks for putting out a really quality product.

Greg T.

I purchased my breeches over a year ago and they are fantastic. I wear them year round. In the winter [Editor's note: that's winter in Wisconsin!], with some light long underwear they are cozy and comfortable. In the summer, I wear them too--they dry out quickly if it rains, etc, etc, etc. And they always look good! They enable me to maintain my reputation as an annoyingly well-dressed gentleman and yet bicycle comfortably! Well done! I plan to purchase another pair soon.

Jason S.

Just a brief note to thank you once again for the excellent service with regards to expediting them to me in time for my trip to Spain and give you a brief update on how excellently the knickers worked out.

For the past 3 weeks I have been cycling on the Camino de Santiago, having started in Montserrat and extending the normally 750 km pilgrimage route to well over 1100 kms. I wore the wool knickers everyday, and only hand washed them twice en route, both times they dried completely overnight and were ready for use again in the morning. I can't speak highly enough of them, and will be ordering another pair shortly. On the Camino, one of the final symbolic rituals, Celtic, Roman, and later Christian was to travel out to Finisterre, the absolute furthest point West of the ancient world, and burn one's clothes at midnight. After that, a ceremonial dip in the ocean, and the trip was done. The symbolism is that since the journey has always been relentlessly towards the West, where the sun sets, the death of days, this ritual swim in the icy cold waters of the Atlantic is to wash away the old, and then return back to the new life of the rising sun in the East as a sign of rebirth.

When it came time to actually burn my clothes, and despite the fact that I had brought along a clean set of trousers, I tossed in my shirt, socks, padded tights, and even my hat, but I just couldn't bring myself to toss in the knickers. Keep up the good work, and thanks again.

Joachim A.

My son stole the knickers I bought from you and rides and climbs in them all the time. I wore them a lot before he took them and they still look good. Great pants!

Bruce B.

The knickers are amazing. I have worn them every day since they arrived. Had them in rain and shine and warm and cooler weather. They fit well, keep my knees happy, still don't smell, and look sharp. Thank you for making a wonderful garment!

Clayton S.

Here's my overdue rave on your wool knicks. So far, the original pair have survived one crash without so much as an obvious abrasion mark (and managed to save my leg and knee from same!), and have been worn in temperature extremes of 25°F in January and 85°F at tbe beach in August (both in NYC). Your knicks are the beautiful balance of style and comfort in the saddle I'd almost given up on. (And your socks complete the package!)

Barret B.

I love the Classic Wool Knickers! I wore them 10 consecutive times before washing (could have gone longer--I'm a year round bicycle commuter) in the machine using the WOOL cycle and and flat drying them. THEY CAME OUT GREAT--NO HARM DONE. All it needs now is very light ironing.

Well made product and I was impressed with the quality, so much so that I have gotten rid of nearly all the poly stink stuff that I own. The price is worth it!

Stephanie G.

I bought your knickers in March. All I have to say is: "Saweet!"

I wish you could've seen me when the UPS guy dropped them off. I had no clue of just how comfortable these things are. I sleep in them :-)!

I recently started working as a Courier. We had two days of wet, cold, icy, FML weather; The knickers proved to be indispensable. The Gabardine is an amazing material. It doesn't itch, hold smells, or feel "soggy" when wet.

The gussets are nice! I'm not going to lie, I've gotten some Lady-glances from that bling at the knees!

Bicycle Fixation, thank you! Wisconsin approves of your fine product.

Kevin W.

I have two pairs of knickers and three pairs of the socks. I rarely wear anything else. The knickers were great during the summer but also for the sub-40 temps we've been getting here lately. The socks complement the knickers nicely and both in style and versatility.

John V.
The knickers are my most used article of clothing. I wear them when I ride to work each day (36 miles round trip) and are stylish enough for me to wear out in the evenings. As a matter of fact, the seat is getting quite shiny from the amount of seat time they see.

I will pack the knickers for my upcoming trip to Taiwan tomorrow. I travel there often in my job as product manager for Breezer Bikes.

Luke E.

Rick, the knickers are great. I have been rocking them all summer in this heat and they keep me fresh and dry.

James S.

The knickers were everything that you and others said they were, and I was able to give them a workout yesterday, on my ride to work. And yes, I received several compliments, not just from commuters, but from students, those arbiters of what's currently cool.

Sterling H.

Got the knickers, out of package, on to the bod , on the bike and out for a ride within one hour of rec'ing...I've done some trouser-knicker conversions before , and these are well thought-out

Tom R.

I am new to riding a fixed gear bike. Had my third outing with the bike and first outing with the knickers this evening. On a gray May evening with an air temperature of about 65 degrees, the knickers were perfectly comfortable. This was my first road ride and I got several *looks* from the other gender. Had to be the knickers, right? They weren't looking at the place where the derailleur should be. The construction and materials are great. These knickers are comfortable enough that I am going to wear them while riding my other geared bikes as well as the fixie.

Tom V.

Wow. The knickers have exceeded my expectations. They're light, tapered right, and look snazzy. I got home after a fast ride from work, found the package, put them on, and still cooled off quickly.

Christian F.

They're beautiful and I love them. Great design, very elegant without being stuffy.

Beth H.

100 % satisfied - all that I expected. I would hope other cyclists would be equally pleased and will certainly recommend them.

Richard C.

They look fabulous. The cloth is heavy, and seems to dress just right. I put them on right after pulling them out of their bag, and they fit just right, especially around the knee. Rapha is more open at the leg, but the gusset construction of the bicyclefixation knicker gives excellent freedom of movement there, plus the silk in the cuff is understated but very beautiful. I think they're nicer than the Raphas at less than half the price: even if you are not a wool aficionado, these will probably win you over.

Michael W.

The Bicycle Fixation knickers arrived with Saturday's mail, and I had a chance to wear them (over wool tights!) during a cold New Year's Eve ride on Sunday. I could not be happier with these knickers. They are simply fantastic! Fabric is great, fit is great, look is great. Very well done. [Three months later:] I have two pairs of your garbadine knickers and they are my absolute favorite riding pants.

Brad U.

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